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A- Frame

A type of bondage furniture consisting of an upright triangle, usually made of wood and typically about seven to eight feet tall, sometimes with cross slats. A person can be bound to the frame with wrists together arms above the head and affixed to the pinnacle of the triangle; and ankles bound to the base of the triangle with legs apart.

Acrylic Toys

Acrylic toys are a type of faux glass and are hard, non-porous and very smooth. They resist chipping and cracking and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Adult Videos

If you’re new to adult videos and think they’re just for trench coat-wearing men, we’d like to welcome you to a whole new realm of erotic fantasy. A Ladies Home Journal survey found that 47% of women reported using erotica or pornography to heighten their sexual experience. In our experience selling adult videos, we’ve found that women repeatedly ask for adult videos that reflect women’s ideals of love making, has good production values, a decent plot and better looking male cast.


A period of time after intense BDSM activity in which the dominant partner cares for the submissive partner. (Some activities are physically challenging in the BDSM world, sometimes the submissive may need a safe psychological space to unwind and recover).


Afterglow is the good feeling experienced after sex,commonly felt in woman after orgasm. Not only is afterglow an inner feeling, but sex can also physically make a woman’s face and body more attractive and literally shine, as in “she’s glowing!”.


Sexual arousal from receiving pain. See also masochist

Alpha Sub

A relationship in which the dominant has more than one submissive, the submissive accorded the greatest power of respect among all the submissives.

Anal Beads

Anal beads are a series of beads knotted into place along a string with a ring on the end or along a thin stem of plastic or silicone.  They come in all sizes and materials, and are inserted, one at a time, into the anus and then removed (singly or all at once) to heighten sexual pleasure.

Anal Lubricant

Thicker in viscosity and designed for anal sex. Some contain Benzocaine a topical anaesthetic which helps ease discomfort of anal play.

Anal Plug

These are diamond shaped toys that are designed to stay inside the rectum, they have a flared base to stop it potentially disappearing inside the rectum.

Anal Sex

All kinds of people enjoy anal sex, and for good reason: it feels good. The muscles and nerve endings around the anus are highly sensitive and can feel fantastic when touched. All men have prostate glands that can only be reached through the rectum and feel great when stimulated. Women's G-spots are easily stimulated indirectly through anal play as well.


Oral stimulation of the anus. See Rimming


Also referred to as orgasmic dysfunction and preorgasmia. The inability of a person to reach orgasm. It can be classified as primary (never having an orgasm), secondary (having experienced orgasms in the past), situational (being orgasmic only in specific instances), coital (being anorgasmic only during intercourse), or random (being anorgasmic on a frequent basis, but with no control). Regardless of the name given to your experience, there is no problem unless you are dissatisfied.


The opening between your legs at the back. The anus is the end of your digestive system and leads into the rectum.


An item, such as a drug or food, which arouses or intensifies sexual desire.

Arm Traps

A type of restraint, usually made of rigid metal bands, which are designed to go around the elbow and hold the arm in a bent position. When locked in place they prevent the wearer from straightening his or her arms.


A restraint device consisting of a long sleeve into which both arms are placed, often fitted with laces or straps to hold the arms securely together. An armbinder may also include an integrated collar to prevent the wearer from withdrawing the arms. Also referred to as a single-glove or monoglove.


Also, ass hole. Slang expression for anus

Asymmetric Bondage

Any bondage technique in which a person is bound in an asymmetric pose for example with one leg extended and one leg bent.