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Size Chart


The size chart shown above is for The Sweet Spot unbranded corsets and costumes (products without a brand name in the title). If you are wanting to purchase any branded garments (e.g Coquette) the size chart shown in the items product description is the best one to follow. The one above is okay to use as a guide but please ensure you check your measurements against the size chart in the individual product description to get an accurate sizing for your purchase.

Unbranded Sweet Spot Costumes and Corsets:

Please be aware that different fabrics in The Sweet Spot unbranded products can affect sizing so as a guide:

  • Unbranded leather & vinyl corsets are slighter larger than standard sizes shown.
  • Unbranded satin corsets are a slightly smaller make than standard sizes.
  • Unbranded costumes are a slight smaller make than standard sizes.

Please ensure your measurements do not exceed the above measurement restrictions or your sexy purchase won’t fit! All measurements above are in centimeters.



How to Measure


Measure under your arms and around the fullest part of your bust.


Measure around your natural waistline, being the smallest part.


Measure around the fullest part of your hip which is normally located 20cm below the waistline.

European Sizing

Please take all measurements in centimetres and then divide by 2.54 which will give you the equivalent in inches. An example would be a waist size of 78.74 centimetres divided by 2.54 would equal a 31 inch waist.