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A sexual act involving oral stimulation of a penis or dildo. Whether you’re a fellatio novice or are simply looking for some handy fellatio tips and techniques, these suggestions ought to spice up next time. Get comfortable. Neck muscles get sore during fellatio, so find a position that works best for both of you. Kneel before a standing partner or lie between his legs. Use a flavoured Condom or dab some edible gel on a condom. These mask the taste of latex and make for safe sex. Give it a kiss. If you're dealing with a soft penis, put it in your mouth when it's soft (or semi-hard) to get yourself acquainted. Kiss it. Lick it. Fellatio is all about exploring the different textures of the penis, especially the roughish tender head and the soft skin of the shaft. Slide your lips gently over your teeth for smooth sailing. Don’t be afraid to use lots of spit, it makes for great lube. Suck on the sensitive glands, running your tongue along the underside of the penis. Lend your fellatio technique a hand. Grip the cock around the base and slide it up and down, hand-job style, in tandem with your mouth. This is great if you’re afraid of gagging, as it helps control the depth of the thrust. Accessorize. Experiment with cock rings, butt plugs, or a finger vibrator for some attention on the testicles and perineum. Here’s a handy fellatio tip: hold a small vibrator against your cheek while sucking.

Female Condom

designed to be worn by women during penetration. It can be put on ahead of time, and is intended to give women the opportunity to use condoms. The female condom has a small, flexible ring on the closed end, designed to cover the cervix, and a larger ring that remains on the outside of the receiver’s body. Reality condoms don’t sheath the penis tightly, so a little more attention is required beyond just putting it on correctly. Make sure the penis goes inside the ring, and doesn’t slide in next to the condom. Take care when thrusting to stay inside the female condom. The female condom is made of polyurethane, an alternative material to latex, which can cause an allergic reaction in some people.  Some men find that the loose fit of the female condom increases their sensitivity. The female condom can also be used during anal sex, just remove the inner ring and make sure the outer ring stays outside the condom.

Female Ejaculation

Many women expel fluid from their vaginas as a result of G-spot stimulation. This is commonly referred to as ‘’female ejaculation,” and is perfectly normal, despite the fear many women harbor that female ejaculate is urine, which it is not. Female ejaculate comes out of the Skene's glands and is similar to the prostatic fluid in men. The amount expelled during female ejaculation is usually no more than a teaspoon or two. our tips for enjoying female ejaculation: Curved fingers or toys with a bend near the tip are the best shape to stimulate the G-Spot (curve two fingers and insert them into your vagina, moving them in a "come hither" way). Apply firm direct pressure using your toy or fingers. Squeeze your PC muscles and breathe deeply during thrusting. Empty your bladder before sex, so you’re not worried that the female ejaculate is actually pee.

Female Masturbation

Female masturbation is shrouded in much more mystery than male masturbation. Because women’s genitals are more hidden than men’s, and because women are typically taught to be ashamed or embarrassed of them, many women don’t learn until they are older that female masturbation is a healthy and sexually liberating. It’s an ideal way to learn about your body’s sexual responses, so that you can become sexually confident and a better lover.

Female Orgasm

Science defines orgasm as the involuntary muscle spasms that come with the release of sexual tension. This stark definition does not even hint at the variety of orgasmic experiences available to the willing pleasure seeker. Orgasms range in intensity from a sweet ripple of pleasure around the genitals to a roaring, curling wave of energy through the entire body. Female orgasm and male orgasms share some physiological similarities—an increase in heart rate, muscle tension, and blood flow. But female orgasms also involve vaginal lubrication, swelling of the clitoris and vaginal lips, vaginal expansion, and engorged breasts.

Female Sexuality

We believe all women have the right to sexual pleasure, so we offer visitors the toys and the resources to fully explore their sexuality. You’ll find a quality selection of hand-picked toys, all tested and reviewed with women’s experience of sex in mind.


A material object or a nonsexual part of the body that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification; a sexual preoccupation with a specific object or characteristic—for instance, feet or long hair.


A type of restraint consisting of a short metal rod that has a locking collar, usually made of metal, affixed to one end and a pair of locking cuffs on the other, or a rigid yoke with openings for the neck on one end and wrists on the other. Used to bind the wrists together and prevent freedom of motion of the hands and arms.


A sexual act in which an individual inserts his or her entire hand into a partner's vagina or anus.


To whip or flog.  In a BDSM context, flagellation is often used for the purposes of sexual arousal and/or punishment.


The art of wearing a specific clothing, insignia or jewellery or other sign as a means of expressing interest in a specific form of BDSM activities.


A flogging technique involving the use of a flogger in each hand and swund in a figure 8 pattern.


The loose skin which covers the penis and clitoris. Also referred to as the clitoral hood in women


The triangular area of skin on the underside of the penis, which attaches to the glands. Often considered the most sensitive area of the penis. Give this area a bit of extra stimulation by using lube designed for male masturbation, or a small fingertip vibrator.


The act of rubbing against the body of another person for sexual pleasure. This is often called non-genital rubbing.