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G- Spot

The G-spot is the common name for the par urethral sponge in women, an area of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra, which can feel good when stimulated. All women have a G-spot, but not all women respond to G-spot stimulation in the same way. The G-spot is located just behind the front wall of the vagina (towards the belly), about two inches inside. To find your G-spot, insert a curved finger, or two, towards your belly. Move them in a “come hither” motion, and apply firm pressure. If your fingers are too short to reach, try a curved sex toy. The more turned on you are, the more likely you are to notice a different sensation when you press the spot. The texture of the G-spot, felt through the vaginal wall, can be somewhat bumpy and not as smooth as other areas of the vaginal wall. 


having a sexual attraction primarily to persons of the same gender. Often used to refer to men, while "lesbian" is often used for women.


The reproductive and sexual organs of males and females. Also sometimes known as genitalia.

Glass Dildo

Glass dildos elevate sex toys to an art form. These gorgeously-sculpted glass and faux glass dildos come in all shapes and designs; some are crystal clear and some come with hints of colour. Most of these toys are made out of acrylic, Lucite, or Pyrex, a special glass designed to withstand temperature extremes and mild bumps. What’s the attraction? Fans have discovered that these rock-hard toys provide the firm stimulation needed for G spot or prostate exploration. What’s more, glass toys can change temperature easily—so by warming one up in hot water, or cooling it down in the refrigerator, you can add a thrilling dimension to your sex play. In addition, acrylic and glass dildos are easy to clean, and can be used by people with latex sensitivities who may be allergic to rubber products. And let’s not forget their greatest feature—they’re simply visually stunning. Some glass dildos look enough like art pieces that you can happily display them on a shelf or coffee table, with no one the wiser.