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Hand Job

Slang term for manual stimulation of the genitals by a partner

Hard Sex Toy Materials

Plastic, Lucite, Acrylic, Glass metal, Ceramic are all classified as hard toys. These materials do not contain phthalates. Clean them with soap and water and use condoms if sharing. Do not boil plastic, Lucite or acrylic toys. Glass retains temperature extremely well and requires only a little lube for a super-slippery effect. Hard plastic toys have firm, smooth textures. Some may be a cheaper alternative to silicone toys. Hard plastics are significantly less porous than rubber toys and can be used without condoms if only used by one person. The Sweet Spot carries toys made of all different kinds of hard plastic. Basically all these plastics are common, safe materials which require the same care. ABS plastic is a mix between elastomer, rubber, and hard plastic which is durable and recyclable. We try to carry Pyrex and laboratory-quality glass that will not shatter if dropped. Examine your toy before each use. If you notice a crack in your glass toy, stop using it. Lucite and acrylic are shatter-free and harder to break, but it is possible to crack them and you can boil them to clean.


A dildo harness fits around your hips and holds a dildo in place against your pubic bone so you can penetrate a partner vaginally or anally. Also known as a strap-on.


A person who is sexually attracted primarily to members of the opposite gender


A martial art originating in medievil Japan for tying and restraining prisoners, this may have been the origin of Shibari.


having a sexual attraction primarily to persons of the same gender. Can be used for men or women.


Human Papilloma Virus, the virus that causes genital warts. Easily transmitted through sexual contact.

Hybrid Lubricant

A mix of silicone and water based lubricants. Providing moisture with easy clean up. However it may not be compatible with silicone toys.


A thin tissue membrane covering the opening of the vagina. The hymen may be stretched or broken through sex, tampon use, or other situations (e.g., riding a bike).