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Kama Sutra

An ancient text that provides instruction in sexual technique and performance. It was compiled by the Indian sage Vatsyayana sometime between the second and fourth centuries A.D


In Shibari, any technique or tie that involves the hair, such a weaving ropes through the hair to hold the head immobile.


A rope harness, originating in Japan, that is tied around the torsoin a series of diamond shaped patterns. Often used as a foundation in Shabari. The karada does not restrain the subject and can even be worn under clothing.

Kegal Exercises

A set of exercises designed to strengthen and give voluntary control over the muscles surrounding the genitals (known as the pubococcygeus  or “PC” muscles) and thereby increase sexual pleasure and awareness. The exercises are often referred to simply as "kegels."


Most technically shibari is the act of tying, and kinbaku is artistic bondage.

Kneeling Stock

A stock on a very short frame, such that a person may be restrained by kneeling in front of the stock and then bending over. The top of the stock is then closed around the persons neck and wrists, restraining them in a kneeling position.


A rope harness intended to support a person's weight from the torso and upper legs, used for suspension in shibari.