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Marital Aid

Sex toys are tools that can help you learn more about your sexuality, they can improve your sexual technique, and they can add a buzz to partner sex. Whether you’re interested in a vibrator to help you learn how to orgasm, a penis sleeve that will liven up your masturbation routine, a clit vibe that will help you come during intercourse, or a playful game to help break the ice, we’ve got the marital aids and the instruction that will help get things going in your bedroom.


Sexual arousal from being watched during sex.


A sexual variation in which the individual derives sexual pleasure from experiencing pain.


An appliance used to massage the skin and muscles for relaxation or sensual stimulation, but frequently used for genital stimulation


Manual stimulation of the genitals, using hands or sex toys

Missionary Position

A face-to-face sexual position in which the receptive partner lies on his or her back is penetrated by the active partner lying on top.


Sexual and romantic fidelity or exclusivity in relationships


The ability to have a succession of orgasms during one period of time. Said of both men and women; having several orgasms in a short period of time with no refractory period in between.


An informal social gathering of people interested in BDSM, usually in a public place for the purpose of meeting other like minded people.