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Rabbit Vibrator

Perhaps the sexiest and most well-known vibrator today, the Rabbit Vibrator was popularized by an episode of the now classic series Sex and the City. Despite breaking into the mainstream in recent years, the rabbit vibrator has been buzzing women’s clitoris for years. A rabbit vibrator is actually just one of a veritable menagerie of elegantly-crafted battery vibrators often referred to as dual-action toy because it's designed to simultaneously stimulate a woman’s clitoris and vagina. Dual-action vibrators originated in Japan, where it was illegal to make a sex toy that resembled genitalia, so the toys were (and still are) often sculpted to look like sea or wildlife creatures. The shaft twirls while the bunny’s ears flutter against the clitoris.


The terminal portion of the large intestine, extending from the sigmoid colon to the anal canal

Refractory Period

The period of time in men immediately following ejaculation, during which further erection or orgasm is not possible; not present in the female's sexual response cycle.


Materials such as cuffs, ropes, or scarves, used to secure a person's hands and ankles, or other body parts, to render the person "helpless."


Oral stimulation of the anus


Slang for condom, a contraceptive, and latex barrier which helps prevent disease transmission