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Warming Lubricant

Designed to add warmth when applied to your body. This sensation can be increased with touch or air being blown on. Perfect for massages too, they are normally in a water soluble form.

Water Based Lubricant

The most common form of personal lubricant available today, water-based lubricants are safe to use with latex products like condoms and dental dams they are water soluble and easily absorbed. They come in a variety of viscosity, flavours and scents. They easily wash clean with water.

Waterproof Toys

Sex toys (usually vibrators) that can be used underwater

Waterproof Vibrator

Women like to masturbate in the tub. Up until recently, this has been women’s little secret, but the recent boom in waterproof vibrators acknowledges that tubs, showers, and pools are great places to have sex, whether alone or with a partner. Waterproof vibrators have brought the thrill of orgasm to women who want to replace the Rubber Ducky with more fun in the tub.


To strike with repeated strokes, as with a strap, flogger or rod; also refers to an instrument, either a flexible rod or a flexible thong or lash attached to a handle, used for inflicting pain or pleasure on a person.