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Maximise your love affair with your favourite toy by taking good care of it.

Toy Cleaners and Batteries

Always store batteries separate to your toy. After use wipe down your toys with warm soapy water, don't wet the mechanical parts. Finish off with a toy cleaner spray or wipe and store your plastic vibes in separate cases. Freshen up your batteries, especially if your toy doesn't have the same kick as it used to. SPECIAL OFFER spend $50 on any toy and get a free bottle of cleaner code: adultfun... P.S All toy purchases get free batteries xo

Fetish Fantasy Delicates Wash - Toy Cleaners and Batteries

Fetish Fantasy Delicates Wash

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$ 2.00

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Just a small amount of this concentrated dedicates wash gently and safely cleans all washable delicate fabrics. It's biodegradable, phosphate -free and hypoallergenic. Its also fragrance free.

To hand wash use one cap full per gallon of cold water, gently work suds into the garment. Rinse well in a dry towel to remove excess moisture.

If its to remove a stain, apply a small amount of concentrate directly onto the soiled area. Spot clean gently with a soft cloth and wash by preferred method. Perfect to help wash those sexy adult costumes.

Comes in a 237ml bottle

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