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Make your bride blush with The Sweet Spot's cheeky line of hens night accessories.

Hens Night Accessories

The bride to be deserves hens night accessories that she will always remember. This is her special night, make it memorable and step out of the box a little. Give her hens night accessories that will make her laugh! She may blush but trust us... she will thank you for it after a few drinks. SPECIAL: Buy any 2 hens night accessories and get another item free. Code: hens (email us your freebie choice after purchase its value cannot exceed any item purchased)

Naughty Night Out Pick Up Pins - Hens Night Accessories

Naughty Night Out Pick Up Pins

$ 10.00

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Personalise each pick up pin with the stickers inside the pack. Declare your wants, help I need a ...... by choosing one of 36 stickers to complete the saying on your badge.
Ready for a change later simply strip off that sticker and put on a new one when the mood requires it!

Your hens party gals can also change your sticker to be cheeky as the party gets a little more in the swing....

Includes:6 pins and 36 stickers...your bridesmaids can also join the fun!

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