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We have something to spice up your foreplay, birthday, anniversary or to stock up on hens night accessories.

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We agree spicing up your love life can be a necessity to keep things healthy in the bedroom. We have tried to give you ideas from the smallest gesture through to a large all night lust fest. Want to sauce up your next special occasion we have it covered. Need to grab some cheeky hens night accessories to make them blush you have arrived. xo

Secret Agent Game By Bijoux  -  Foreplay Kits

Secret Agent Game By Bijoux

$ 60.00

$ 30.00

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Two secret agents play with weapons loaded with eroticism. Discover the secret code that will gain you access to an adventure with unpredictable climax.

The kit comes with: 

  • Ribbons for tying up
  • Feather tickler
  • Sensual ring
  • Blindfold
  • Lock
  • Card for the secret pencil
  • Perfumed coffret case

Play in your sexy bustier and show your lover how sexy spy games can be.


About Bijoux:

Bijoux indiscretes is a French company that specialise in a combination of eroticism and sophistication for lovers laced with style and steeped in the provocation. Ideas scents tastes, sounds and sensations are used to form a subtle blend of erotica creating unforgettable experiences and moments which defy dimension.

The Bijoux scent?

The scent used by Bijoux is unique and encourages its user to discover pleasure through the most physical of all senses that of smell. Incorporating the sweetness of rose the exotic essences of jasmine wood and spice and harnessing the erotic powers of ylang ylang. Bijoux scent heightens the magic in every aspect of your seduction. Developed specifically by a perfumist exclusively for the Bijoux range.

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