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Discover the pleasures of a Lelo rabbit vibrator and remote control vibrator only from The Sweet Spot.


We all deserve a little adult fun! After working hard and juggling the everyday we can all feel good with a remote control vibrator in a long hot bath where we put our feet up and relax. No time for rabbit vibrators or to put your feet up? Our adult toys come in all shapes and sizes and the remote control vibrator can be used while washing up if that tickles your fancy.. SPECIAL OFFER Purchase any rabbit vibrator over $50 and get a free cleaner code: adultfun

Toygasms By Alison Sadie - Vibrators

Toygasms By Alison Sadie

$ 19.95

$ 12.00

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The amazing sex toy guide that's generating big buzz!

Enjoy a new chapter in your lovemaking, discover the intimate secrets of today's best sex toys and drive your partner wild.

Readable, toygasms works like instant foreplay. Just add your partner or simply try these techniques by yourself and you'll think you've gone to toygasmic heaven!

Over 40 toy-tested techniques for mind-blowing orgasms. Come discover all the shapes, sizes and sensations that'll rock your world, along with fun, safe ways to enjoy an endless stream of 'scrape-me-off-the-ceiling orgasms.

Winner for independent publisher award for best sexuality.

ISBN: 9780970661111