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We have something to spice up your foreplay, birthday, anniversary or to stock up on hens night accessories.

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We agree spicing up your love life can be a necessity to keep things healthy in the bedroom. We have tried to give you ideas from the smallest gesture through to a large all night lust fest. Want to sauce up your next special occasion we have it covered. Need to grab some cheeky hens night accessories to make them blush you have arrived. xo

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue By Booty Parlour - Birthdays & Anniversaries

Melt Chocolate Body Fondue By Booty Parlour

$ 18.00

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What's better than chocolate? Better than sex? Having them both at the same time! Paint this gourmet body fondue on your lover's skin then kiss it off slowly...deliciously. Or smooth warmed melt onto a strawberry and thrill in the act of feeding one another. Virtually fat free, you'll enjoy all the pleasure with none of the guilt.

Melt chocolate body fondue is chocolate paint made especially for the body. Get creative and frisky with this jar of delicious body paint and use the brush to create art you can eat! Write naughty words on your lover's back (or other tempting body parts) and have your "canvas" guess what you're writing. If they're right, you get to lick it off!

The good news is that Melt is just as divine with ice cream, fruit even a spoon. A big bonus is that melts virtually fat-free! All of the pleasure with none of the guilt!

Product Features:
Delicious chocolate that's ready for frisky-fun in seconds
Includes "paint-brush" for sexy body art
Virtually fat-free (0.5g fat/ serving)
7.5oz container for too many tempting moments to count. 

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