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We have something to spice up your foreplay, birthday, anniversary or to stock up on hens night accessories.

Kits, Gifts & Hens Night

We agree spicing up your love life can be a necessity to keep things healthy in the bedroom. We have tried to give you ideas from the smallest gesture through to a large all night lust fest. Want to sauce up your next special occasion we have it covered. Need to grab some cheeky hens night accessories to make them blush you have arrived. xo

Naughty Night Out Sash

Naughty Night Out Sash

$ 9.95

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Suck for a buck, silky sash and candy kit.

The ultimate night out party money maker. Position candy on the sash and offer guys the opportunity to remove one with their mouth for a buck or even five bucks! Spend the cash on you and your girls for drinks.

Kit comes with silky sash, candy and safety pins. Pin on the lollies and watch eager guys line up to pay you $1- $5 dollars to suck on your lollies before you take the plunge.

Harmless cheeky fun with the girls.

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