The Sweet Spot Boutique

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The Sweet Spot Vision

Women gaining pleasure from sexual products is often thought of as wrong and dirty. Suppressing what you naturally enjoy should not be allowed or accepted in today's society. This is why The Sweet Spot was created to make shopping for pleasure feel feminine, we want your experience to be classy and fun...

After talking to women everywhere you told us;           

  • It's difficult to ask for help
  • You disliked looking through hundreds of products not knowing which is best.
  • You often buy items that are not what you want.
  • You receive no instructions or help with products which can be frustrating.
  • Discretion and privacy is important
  • More information is the key to help you find your sweet spot.

We want to help you by;

  • Searching the world to give you the best range of high quality innovative products
  • Give you a suite of products specifically for women based on our research with women everywhere.
  • Simplified choice with products for beginners, regular users and expert users.
  • Information to help, educate and inspire you every step of the way before, during and after your shopping with us. 
  • Privacy with a special twist that still makes you feel special!                                                                           

We hope your totally satisfied and you will visit us again & again.

This is all about you finding pleasure



P.S  The Sweet Spot supports Kiva...donations change lives!