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The expulsion of semen from the penis. Usually occurs with orgasm.

Elastomer Toy Material

Elastomer is slightly porous unlike silicone and cannot be disinfected. To clean, wash with soap and water. Elastomer is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, soft, and durable. Use with condoms if sharing or for easier cleanup. Elastomer is used in sex toys as a soft material. People who are concerned about avoiding contact with rubber softners might choose an elastomer toy as a good soft alternative.

Electric Vibrators

Traditionally marketed as massagers intended to treat sore backs and shoulders, electric vibrators come in three major varieties: wand-style, rechargeable, and coil-operated. They plug into an electric outlet, offer strong vibration, and usually bring women to orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Erectile Dysfunction

The inability to develop or maintain an erection for penetrative sex. Can be classified as primary (always existing), secondary (having functioned previously) or situational (occurring only in specific situations). Also known as impotence.


The firm and enlarged condition of a body organ or part (the penis or clitoris) when the erectile tissue surrounding it becomes filled with blood.

Erogenous Zone

Any area of the body that is especially sensitive to sexual stimulation and touching

Erotic Books

Erotic books offer a great way to explore your fantasies and boost your libido in the process. Whether you enjoy reading explicit fantasies, well-crafted sex scenes, or plot-driven stories that build sexual tension, you should find something in our selection. We carry novels, short story collections, and erotic anthologies. We try to feature work from relative newcomers as well as the erotic books published regularly by more seasoned writers.


Literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire


Achieving or enhancing sexual arousal by being seen nude, partially clothed, or in the course of sexual acts.