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Labia Majora

The outer folds of skin on either side of the inner lips (labia minora) on the outside of the vagina

Labia Minora

The inner folds of skin of the vulva, leading to the entrance of the vagina.


Latex is used in condoms, dental dams and gloves, and is the safest barrier against sexually transmitted diseases. Latex is an emulsion of rubber or plastic globules in water, the material breaks down when exposed to heat, oil and oil-based lubricants. Some people are allergic or sensitive to latex and use polyurethane condoms instead.


A woman who is primarily sexually attracted to women.

Lesbian Sex

We know that just as there’s no standard way that heterosexuals have sex, lesbian sex can be as varied as the imaginations of the two (or more) people involved. Lesbian sex encompasses many sexual activities, including oral sex, dry humping (frottage), vaginal or anal intercourse, mutual masturbation, and fisting (placing one’s balled fist inside a lover’s vagina). At The Sweet Spot we offer the information and toys to explore all these aspects of lesbian sexuality. Many lesbians have discovered the pleasures of strap-on sex. Strap ons are dildos designed to be worn in a harness, so that you can have sex without having to hold the dildo in place. Strap-on dildos are characterized by a flared base, which secures the dildo in the harness and prevents it from popping through during rigorous sex play! Harnesses come in array of styles and are fully adjustable, so you can get a secure fit, regardless of your body type. Dildos, many made of premium silicone, are also available in styles and colours to suit any desire, so whether you’re craving a curved toy for G-spot play or a graduated toy for anal play, you can rig up a strap-on dildo that’ll get the job done.


The psychic and emotional energy associated with instinctual biological drives; sexual desire or manifestation of the sexual drive.


A slick, gel-like substance used to reduce friction during sexual activity. Some lubricants are water-based and therefore safe to use with latex (condoms, dams, etc.). Some are silicone-based, which is slicker and longer-lasting, but incompatible with silicone toys and cyberskin toy material. Also known as lube